NO Intelligent controllers of the access control system

NÜO controllers for access control

No more “one for all

A full range of controllers adjusted to each requirement.

DC6 PW100

250/500 Users
6/1 (6 Passages)


Safe Gate

DC6+ PW100

2,000/10,000 Users
6/1 (12 Passages)



The many advantages of designing both the hardware and software...

Intelligence Distributed

Controllers will automatically recognize any reader of the NÜO family, no matter the model, they know what to do with it. You do not need to worry about anything when setting up the system; the complex stuff is automatically solved.

The system does not depend on a computer. In the case of not being logged to the network, access to doors continues to function normally and to identify the users.

Each controller is provided with intelligence to manage the assigned door or doors, knowing each of the users and how and when they can go through it.

Scheme of Connection