NÜO Go! All in one

All in one

NÜO Go! A complete access control solution including all the hardware and software. The very latest biometric technology and the most visual and intuitive interface.

NÜO Go! Amazing


There is no software to install, it is included in the controller
Without the need for licenses, dedicated computers, databases, or depending on third parties, it  problem free...

NÜO Go! Scalable


NÜO Go! adapts to you and grows with you: Up to 20 doors and 250 users. The ideal system for companies, industries, retail or homes.

NÜO Go! In a click

In a click

Every last detail is recorded, which can be used to issue custom reports for the doors, users, incidents, etc. Accessible from any device: computer, tablet or smartphone


Security is the main reason for installing an access control system.


When it comes to security, we are always one step ahead. We are at the forefront in terms of designing and manufacturing access control solutions for environments that need maximum protection.

Security must be the main reason for installing an access control system. Access control is the only way to prevent unauthorised people from entering protected areas.

NÜO Go! offers the highest level of protection: fully integrating the latest biometrics technology, MIFARE Plus® maximum security cards, advanced encryption systems, highly-resistant hardware...

When talking about security we must be clear: a proprietary protocol is more secure than an open language one, and a wired facility is less vulnerable than a wireless one.

Advanced security functions can be easily assigned from the application: dual intervention, supervisor, anti-passback and capacity control. Evacuation doors are automatically opened in the case of an emergency.

With NÜO Go! we know who entered, where, when, how long they stayed there, and who tried to enter out of hours or without authorisation.

The system will still operate even when communications fail or the power supply is cut off.
Communication protection
is guaranteed with AES and 3DES encryption algorithms


With up to 20 doors and 250 users, NÜO Go! adapts to you and grows with you. It can be expanded at any time.


NÜO Go! adapts to you and grows with you

You can start with one, two, or three doors... Until you reach 20. And you can keep adding off-line doors using NÜO Tok electronic locks up to a total of 48 doors.

Without software modules or unforeseen costs; without licenses or commitments.

You can control access from one user up to 250. With the security and comfort of the latest biometric technology that is integrated into NÜO Go!

With NÜO Go! you will enjoy the advanced features of the best access control system, while it is extremely easy to use.

With NÜO Go! there are no incompatibility problems between components, because the Software and the Hardware are made for each other. 100% Compatible. 100% Secure.

NÜO Go! is the most secure access control system and the easiest to install and manage.
The ideal solution for companies, industries, retail or homes.

The system adapts to your needs with different security levels: fingerprint reader, card reader, or a combination of both options.
Say goodbye to conventional keys!

NÜO Go! Flexible


It is so intuitive that nothing can be forgotten, because there is nothing to learn in the first place.
It turns something complicated into something simple.


Surprising ease-of-use

NÜO Go! combines the security and functionality of a great system in a way that is surprisingly easy to use. You can create users, work groups, timetables and schedules, capture fingerprints, assign cards, take photographs, grant special permissions, etc. all from one single screen.

Don’t lose your mind

NÜO Go! automatically locates the devices included in the installation. You only need to name the doors.

Everything is automatic

In NÜO Go! Biometrics is fully integrated so you don't have to use another programme to register user fingerprints. Everything is automatic, it is as easy as editing a card.

All in one

With NÜO Go! you do not need anything else. The software, communications, power supply and batteries are all incorporated in one single system. Installing it could not be easier, as it has minimal wiring and the connections are colour-coded so you do not even need to use the manual.

No licences. You only pay for what you need

The updates for the application and devices are free for life and are done automatically from the web application. No licences, no computer, no dependence on third parties, no compatibility problems, no keys, no worries... Everything is possible with NÜO Go!

Simplicity comes as standard


It includes powerful programmed functions so you only need to select the one that interests you most. You can create a host of predefined or custom reports: for users, doors, timetables, incidents, etc. Everything is within reach using the most intuitive interface which is accessible from any device: computer, tablet or smartphone.


It cuts the installation and maintenance time in half. Without licenses or other commitments, you only pay for what you need.


Time is money

NÜO Go! cuts the installation and maintenance time in half

  • · All in one controller!
  • · Automatically set up devices
  • · Diagnostics displayed at the controllers
  • · Communications and power from a single standard data cable
  • · Wiring done following colour codes at terminal blocks
  • · 48V to operate from further away without problems
  • · No power supply required at the doors
  • · Combined software and hardware so that everything works the first time around
  • · An amazing intuitive user interface requires minimum learning time

NÜO Go! What more could you ask for?

Software-free Access Control System

NÜO Go! The key players

The key players

NÜO Go! NÜO Air Reader


The idea that “one-size fits all” is dead

NÜO Go! Has the largest range of readers on the market, with a specific one for each application

NÜO Go! Time Reader


NÜO Go! Application


There is no software to install with NÜO Go!

The application is included in the controller, you simply connect it and go.

It includes the most powerful and intuitive interface which is accessible from any device: computer, tablet or smartphone.

Without needing licenses, dedicated computers, databases, or depending on third parties... It is problem free.

Setting up the installation is child’s play. You can create user access profiles, register users, include a photo, see which doors they can go through, block a user or allow an alarm to be connected, all without going mad.

Biometrics are fully integrated into NÜO Go! and you do not need another application. Fingerprint patter management is fully automatic.

In NÜO Go! every last detail is recorded, which can be used to issue custom or predefined reports: for the doors, users, incidents, etc. Everything is under control.

In addition, NÜO Go! Incorporates powerful functions that have been pre-programmed to give you new ideas to any access security problems.

It includes attendance control, you only need to add the NÜO Time. reader.

Ready for the wireless world.

The new smart NÜO Tok locks solve the problem of controlling access through doors where it is difficult to wire the equipment. They are also ideal for doors with limited traffic such as management offices.

NÜO Go! NÜO Tok handles

Video- intercom

Access doors from the outside are key points when it comes to controlling building security. They are used by employees and visitors, and visitors do not have any credentials.

NÜO Go! provides the ultimate solution to manage these accesses. A single device that incorporates a biometric or card reader for employees, and a sophisticated video-intercom system for visitors with perfect audio and video quality. State of the art technology with impeccable aesthetics to guarantee security.

The installation could not be easier: the door sensor, the lock and the inputs-outputs are controlled from the same piece of equipment with a single data network cable. A single system for everything.

DC Go!
Master Controller

The system’s heart and brain

With the embedded software and its 4-core processor, it carries out orders immediately.

It provides the energy and the back-up batteries for the entire installation: controller, sensors, readers and locks.

NÜO Go! is the first access control system to operate at 48V. With greater distances between facilities, greater autonomy and efficiency, come less problems...

You can review the status of the entire facilities from the touchscreen: power supply, batteries, communications, IP address...

A real machine
  • Embedded proprietary software
  • Quad-core processor
  • Feeder, Charger and Battery
  • 2 independent buses for readers
  • Fail-safe terminal blocks
  • Protections at all inputs and outputs
  • Colour touchscreen
And much more...

DC Slave

DC Slave is the NÜO Go! Extension Unit

It enables the user to increase the number of doors managed by the Controller Master DC Go! up to a maximum of 20.

DC Slave, just like the master controller, manages up to 4 doors providing all the door devices with communication and power supply via the Wilis.

With everything you need:

  • Power supply, Charger and Battery
  • 2 independent buses for readers
  • Fail-safe terminal blocks
  • Protections at all inputs and outputs
  • Colour touchscreen
And much more...


Secure Door

The Wili plays a vital role in the NÜO Go! security system

It is installed in the secure zone and executes orders sent from the controller to open and lock doors.

The Wili unit makes it impossible to access the company network or force a door open by tampering with the reader connections.

Wili also makes it easy to install the system because it centralises the wiring and the connections at a secure point close to the door.

One single cable runs from the controller to the Wili, and from there to all the sensors, readers and locks.

The simplest wiring

Wili +

Audio + Video + Accesses

Wiring becomes more complicated when a door needs both Access Control and Video-intercom.

The Wili+ Secure Door Unit overcomes this problem and simplifies the installation, and the Watch & Mochi video-intercom is integrated into the NÜO Go! system, becoming just another door element, not an add-on.

The door sensor, lock and the entrances-exits are controlled by one single system. The video-intercom modules and the readers give the same instructions under any situation, without confusion.

The Wili+ unit makes it impossible to access the company network or force a door open by tampering with the reader or video-intercom connections.

NÜO Go! Wili + Unit

W&M + NÜO Go!
Complete integration





Control of Pedetrian

Control of Pedetrian

Control of Passing Vehicles

Control of Passing Vehicles

NÜO Go! is a solution designed and manufactured by By



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