Access Control of People

One of the main problems when performing access control is to ensure that in each authorization of access only one person enters.

This, in conventional doors cannot be checked, because for every authorization step several people can access simultaneously losing control of unauthorized entry.


Units for Control of Bidirectional Traffic of People by hiding glass doors with an entirely modern design.

It is based on a system of a corridor free of obstacles controlled by photocells. The doors are hidden inside the cabinet when the machine receives the activation signal from a reader or a button, allowing the passage of a person, returning to its closed position once the individual has passed. If two people try to pass at a time, the system gives an audible alarm. The anti-panic system opens the doors automatically in case of emergency. It includes pictograms signaling pass-wait. Furniture in stainless steel and black polyethylene. Power 220 VAC.

Control of People Gates

Swing Gates

Automatic swing gate with glass panels 10mm thick and contemporary design to blend in any environment.

The panels prevent access by the hall and retrieve when a release signal from a reader or a button is received. It integrates a system of photocells to avoid closure likely to cause injury and detect unauthorized multiple accesses that are signaled by anacoustic alarm. It is made of brushed stainless steel and includes illuminated indicating pictograms of theperformance of the hallway.

Perfect adaptation of NÜO readers for access control.

Signage light pictograms.

Security hinged glass panels 10 mm thick.


Electric turnstile, models with single and double folding arms for the control of access and exits in public or private premises, control through electrical systems (buttons, photocells) or card readers.

Cabinet type structure with large dimensions. Made of stainless steel, both access to electronic and to the mechanism is through a locking door. It incorporates an anti-panic electrical system. Power 220 VAC. It includes pictograms and machined to accommodate standard readers, optional fixed separation bar to close the corridor.

Special Step

Unidirectional and bidirectional automatic gates for control of particular traffic

Bidirectional motorized gates for access control of disabled people. Upon receiving the signal to open, the door rotates forward in the sense of the passage, closing after a set time. Structure in stainless steel tube, with security glass swing panel 10mm 80cm wide.Power 220VAC.

Special unidirectional automatic gates for the control of the passage of goods and emergency exits. 80cm doors are made of acrylic glass framed in a steel tube. Opening controlled by a button, photocell or card readers. Automatic closure timing. Made of stainless steel with a lockable door to access electronics. It incorporates a mechanical anti-panic system. Power 220VAC.


Constituted by a circular shell structure where a rotating arm of 3 or 4 blades that are moved by the user (electro-mechanical operation) when going through a turn of 120 ° or 90 ° providing a damping and positioning system that always leaves the space ready for a new passage.

Different models with an identical operation, twin-aisle, high or low altitude, changing only the external appearance and dimensions.

Structure in stainless steel tube, with swivel arm 3 sheets of security glass of 10mm. Optional crosier for assembly of readers. Power 220 VAC.

Bidirectional turnstile Motorized Half-Height

Bidirectional turnstile Motorized Half-Height

High rise rotating pinwheel, bidirectional operation. The user enters the space between blades and once authorized the passage, pushes the panel and accesses to the site, leaving the blades positioned for the next entering. Structure made of round and rectangular stainless steel tube, with swivel arm of 3 sheets comprised of rectangular sheets of tube panels with curved edges. Optional crosier for assembly of readers. Power 220 VAC.

Bidirectional Rotating pinwheel High Rise

Bidirectional Rotating pinwheel High Rise

Protective canopy for Rotating pinwheel High Rise in anoutdoor installation. Made of transparent cellular polycarbonate, which is attached to the structure of the pinwheel.

Protective canopy Rotating pinwheel High Rise


Accessories for controlling pedestrian traffic

Fixed railing stainless steel tube with methacrylate plate

Dividing fixed railing in a stainless steel tube with a transparent acrylic plate in the central area, standard length of 1 meter.

Stainless steel tube fixed rail

Dividing fixed railing in stainless steel tube diameter 50 mm, standard length of 1 meter.

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