NÜO Sky Integral Access Control System for Outdoors

Impact your visitors with NÜO Sky

The solution for the control of pedestrian and vehicle access to your company. Visitors will be surprised by the aesthetics and efficiency of our system.


Units designed for intensive use under extreme environmental conditions

Manufactured completely in aluminum, resistant to abrasion, bumps, sun rays, rain, saline environments and extreme temperatures. The years will pass and NÜO Sky will always maintain its impeccable appearance without the need for maintenance.

Designed to endure


The most complete range of the market

The range of equipment for access control outdoors, for vehicles or for pedestrians. Recessed in wall, placed on the surface or in a post anchored to the ground.


NÜO Sky has intercommunication modules, card or fingerprint biometric readers, light and signaling indicators. Prepared to withstand the toughest environmental conditions with an impeccable image.

Sky Flux

Recessed pedestrian access control


Sky Flux, elegance, balance and a great sense of security

The highly resistant aluminum front barely protrudes 11 mm from the wall. Sky Flux has a fast and simple recess system that facilitates its integration on any surface.

Leveled with the wall

Sky Surf

Surface pedestrian access control


The fastest, cleanest and easiest installation

Depending on the materials used in the construction, the aesthetics of a place or installation preferences, sometimes the option of placing the equipment on the surface is the most appropriate.

On surface

Sky Car

Post for access control of vehicles


Sky Car the key to create a great impression of our company

The visitors that access our facilities through the parking will be surprised with the careful aesthetics of this exclusive system designed in the shape of a post.

The entrance, the main thing

Sky Walk

Post for pedestrian access control


Sky Walk is located close, but without touching the facade, respecting the aesthetics of the building

There are architectural elements, such as glass facades or buildings of special protection, where it is very complicated to integrate equipment without affecting its aesthetics.

Without touching the facade

Sky Mini

Post for access control in reduced size


Sky Mini is the simplest and most economical solution

It offers the same features as the large ones, but mounted on a rectangular aluminum profile of 150 x 50 mm.

Minimalism in perfect harmony

Sky Help

Post for access control of people with reduced mobility or hearing impairment


An access solution for all

Sky Help is a post for pedestrian access control designed for people with reduced mobility. It includes a system of transmission by magnetic loop to facilitate the use to those who have a hearing loss.

Without barriers !

Sky Two

Double post for access control of vehicles with modules in two heights


Because a bus does not have the same height as a car

Sky Two has duplicates of all modules at different heights. Trucks, cars, buses: a single post facilitates access control for all vehicles.

For large and small

Sky TL

Traffic light for access control of vehicles


An elegant traffic light that does not clash

LED lighting modules with very low consumption. High brightness and automatic regulation depending on the ambient light.

Come in ! Stop !


Video intercommunication module

Voxter/Sky an exquisite but robust design

Hands-free with echo cancellation, digital noise reduction and automatic volume. Touch push button without maintenance for life. High resolution megapixel color camera, with 170º wide-angle aperture optics. Wide Dynamic Range for clear vision in extreme backlight conditions. Designed for intensive use and made entirely of high strength aluminum with IP65 protection.

Loud and clear, just perfect


Proximity card reader module for outdoor installation


Air/Sky high security card reader

MIFARE Plus® high security card reader, and NFC. Bluetooth for access with smartphones.

Communication system with authentication and data encryption using maximum security AES and 3DES encryption algorithms.

Built in aluminum, polycarbonates of the highest quality and anti-scratch anti-scratch front glass. IP65 protection and impact resistance IK08.

Down to the last detail


Biometric module + Proximity card reader for outdoor installation


Awa/Sky atest generation multi-technology reader

Biometry. MIFARE Plus® proximity cards. NFC to use a mobile as a card. Ability to communicate with Apps on smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth interface.

Multispectral technology sensor that captures sharp images of the deep layers of the surface of the fingers. Correct identification of people with problematic, dirty, dry, wet or worn fingerprints. It incorporates live finger detection technology and other antipollution measures.

Prepared for working outdoors, with an IP65 degree of protection, resistance level IK08. Built in aluminum, polycarbonates of the highest quality and anti-scratch ultra-resistant front glass.

Biometric multispectral technology


Position indicator with continuous line illuminated on top


Projection of white light on the area of operation


Module to include any image such as logo or company name, address, street number, image of a product, advertising etc.

Customize NÜO Sky with color or corporate image, it is a great showcase for the company


Colored Lights

NÜO Sky has an exquisite design with a fantastic image and illuminated at night it is spectacular.

From any NÜO application you can select the color of the position module and the illumination among the six available: indigo, turquoise, violet, magenta, yellow and white. The intensity of the light is regulated automatically depending on the ambient light.

NÜO Sky Thought to the smallest detail

Position module
Lighting module
Image module
Video intercom module
Reader module

Maximum security without screws

Eliminating the front screws is a great solution to improve the aesthetics of an outdoor equipment, provided that the security of the system is not compromised.

The modules are mounted on vertical guides blocked by the lighting module, in case of manipulation the alarm system receives the signal and the intercom itself alerts with a siren sound.

Wiring ready in 5 minutes

NÜO Sky leaves the factory completely assembled and wired internally, ready to connect.

Plug & Play connectors

Like NÜO readers, all modules incorporate an IP67 connector. Changing a module is as easy as disconnecting the old one and connecting the new one.

On the floor or wall, always safe

NÜO Sky Flux comes standard with a built-in system that achieves an impeccable finish. Only 11 mm protrudes from the wall.

NÜO Sky Surf is the best option to not complicate or to place it on an imposing and hard concrete wall.

All NÜO Sky models of post type with anchor to the ground, have fixing systems to achieve an excellent result.

8 colors

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