DC6+ PW100 NÜO Door controller of the access control system

Multi-door DC6 IP Controller, capable of managing up to 10,000 users and 6 doors.

Especially suitable for applications where it is decided not to take a peering network to each door. With a single outlet that can handle up to 6 doors with 2 RS-485 buses which connect the readers and the Oscar modules to secure the connections of the doors.

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It has intelligence and stores all data.

It knows who goes in or out and who does NOT, all without any need to be continuously connected to the application.


A great idea to manage batteries of turnstiles.

That way, it behaves simply and economically like a single door with 6 turnstiles for 1,000 users.


Compatible with all readers of the NÜO family.

They are designed for each other, just connect them and they already recognize each other.


It provides all the information the readers need.

Settings, table of users, patterns of footprints, it even updates the firmware to have the latest version.

No more Extras

DC6+ PW100 One power supply for all the elements.


DC6+ PW100 does almost everything for you.

It can communicate with other controllers DC1+ and DC6+ to participate in areas antipassback.

DC6+ PW100


Mounted on a metal box with self-protection.

Source 24V-100W with battery charger.

Communications ByBus RS-485.

Real Time Clock accuracy.

Ethernet 10/100 TCP/IP.

Data Memory
and nonvolatile configuration

A8 600Mhz 32bit Processor.

of Connection

Scheme of Connection NÜO DC6+ PW100 Controllers Scheme of Connection NÜO DC6+ PW100 Controllers