DC1 NÜO Access control system's door controller

DC1 IP Driver compact and for 1 gate is capable of manage up to 1.000 users with card, fingerprint and car plate.

It's the link among the gate related elemnts, managing entrance's readers, exit readers, locks, door sensors and digital inputs/outputs, power plugs and communication.

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It has intelligence and stores all data.

It knows who goes in or out and who DOESN'T, all without any need to be continuously connected to the application.


Despite its size it is extremely fast.

It is able to perform a search in a table of 500 users, check credentials, permits, schedule, calendars and send the decision to the reader in less than a tenth of a second.


Compatible with all readers of the NÜO family.

They are designed for each other, just connect them and they already recognize each other.


It provides all the information the readers need.

Settings, table of users, patterns of footprints, it even updates the firmware to have the latest version.

Inputs and Outputs

With MIO modules, you'll have more inputs and outputs.

Inputs/Outputs modules are able to perform complex automation maneuvers, just selecting them from the application.




24V Exit Control Electric Lock. Check door sensor. 2 Configurable relay outputs. 2 Configurable digital inputs. Ethernet 10/100 TCP/IP.


Safety DIN Rail or surface mount


Real Time Clock accuracy.


Communications ByBus RS-485.


Data Memory and nonvolatile configuration


Power: PoE or 24VDC. 50MHz ARM 32bits Processor.

of Connection

Scheme of connection NÜO DC1 Controllers Scheme of connection NÜO DC1 Controllers