NÜO one 10,000 Users 1,000 Doors Everything under control

Identify the problem, we have the solution

Uncontrolled access to sensitive areas of the company

Identify each user with a high-security card or by their fingerprint.

Doors that nobody closes

Reports on all incidents, as well as acoustic and light indicators of status of door.


Restrict access per hours by using shift schedules and generate historical of the access.

Security guards that do not do the established rounds

Check the event log by user, door, date, access, ...

Fraudulent use of emergency doors

Set up a security profile for each user deciding who goes in, when and where.


Cancel lost cards and immediately prevent the entry of people who leave the company.

Vehicles entering and leaving the parking without control

Automatically manage the vehicles that can park in your building.

visitors that move around without control

Check each visitor by pre-registration and authorization.

NÜO one Interface

You will be amazed at how easy it is to configure the devices of the installation.

System settings

NÜO automatically locates them, and you just have to drag them on the screen and place them in the door they belong to. The same when you have to change a reader: connect it, it appears on the screen, drag it to your door and... that's it! Before you know it, NÜO solves what is complicated to make your life easier.


NÜO One has powerful pre-programmed features solved for you that most of the systems do not. They will even give you new ideas to solve security problems in the accesses. You have time programmers to leave doors blocked or free passage and functions such as double intervention, automated setup of the alarm, access with supervisor and two security modes.

NÜO One Doors
NÜO One Users


Imagine that from the same screen and without having to browse for hours in the application, you can configure the access profile of any user, register, facilitate them the access card, capture their fingerprint, take a picture, see their schedule and group access, see what doors they can go through, manage their entry to parking, block them, allow them to disarm the alarm. What more could you ask for?

NÜO One Visits


How about having one or more positions from which to make a comprehensive management of visitors without interfering with the rest of the system? Register a visit is now child's play, put the identification document in the scanner, select one of the groups of special access for visitors and give them their card.

NÜO one Everything fits at once

The same application for a facility of 10 doors as for another of 1,000.

It has never been so easy the implantation, setting and use of an access control system.
You can start with some doors and expand the system anytime. It will not be a headache, the application does not need modifications at all.

No matter if you have or not management of visitors, contractors, lifts, capacity control, biometrics, off-line readers, or control access to parking. Just put the appropriate terminals and everything will run like clockwork.

Readers, controllers and application are designed to work together.

NÜO, knows that every controller and every reader are made for each other.

This will maximize the possibilities of hardware. You will not find another system in which everything is so integrated, so intuitive and easy to use. Incompatibility problems do not exist. Readers, controllers and application are designed to work together. They know each other and their communication is perfect.

Also... With NÜO One you have

All possible combinations

The NÜO combined readers of biometrics and cards solve special situations, that is why all NÜO biometrics readers include the biometric card reader, because we understand that it's not an option.







So we solve issues such as:

- Senior management who do not want to use their fingerprint and prefer to access with VIP cards.

- People who have too little fingers.

- People with very worn fingerprint by the use of detergents or chemicals.

- Visitantes para los que es complicado el acceso por biometría, al no estar familiarizados con el sistema.

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