NÜO One offers you a specific solution, addressed to manage exclusively the access of employees and visitors to your company.

Access control of people   

With NÜO One you will guarantee the security of your company, providing access only to areas of the building you select. Rest assured,

everything is planned to the last detail.

A more orderly, agile and safe

management of the visits to your company.

Access control of people   

Do you want to decide who

receives visitors in your company?

It is not only possible

it is also easy!

The system allows you to decide who can have visitors in your company and who cannot.

Managing the permissions will be very simple. You can allow yourself to employees, and you can also authorize several heads of department to decide who can receive visitors.

And how is it done?

Check it out, it is very simple.

Check it out, it is very simple.

Getting to control who visit your business or your employees is easy, look...



Safe and orderly management

With the pre-registration of visitors the data collection visits is simplified and streamlined in the reception of the company, as are the permit applications by employees to receive a visit and approval of applications by those responsible. The system provides the company with a more orderly and safe management of visits.



Editing and delivery of cards

It streamlines the identification and accreditation of visitors at the reception of the company! With NÜO One the operator identifies the visit by automatically reading the identification document, he locates and presents the pre-registration accepted by the person to be visited, and also edits and delivers the card.



Identify his vehicle

Companies with parking spaces for visitors can manage the access of vehicles without any difficulty. Control can be performed in two ways: with a guard at the gated entrance to the parking, or automated.



Visits identified

Once identified the visitors, the card allows them to enter the areas defined in one of the groups of access for visitors, preventing them from moving uncontrollably and access to sensitive areas of the company. Thus, any incident is recorded and can be found in the record of movements of each visit.



Your visit departs, leaving his identification...

One of the problems generated by the control of visits is the need to recover access cards. To prevent the visits from leaving with the card, we have automated their recovery. Once the reader has recovered the card, this is invalidated and prepared for another visit.

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