Highly secure reader for contactless smart cards

NÜO Surf card reader has superb features

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Sturdy and stylish finish suitable for indoor installation.

Made with high-quality polycarbonate with unbreakable lexan glass front.

Designed for the new high-security cards MIFARE Plus®.

Control of lock and door sensor incorporated.

Encrypted communication using AES and 3DES encryption algorithm.

Also compatible with MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE Ultralight® and emulation MIFARE NFC.

How does the NÜO Surf cards reader work?

Having access to read, write and manage keys in all sectors of memory card, such as personal and biometric data of the owner, balance for vending machines, payment in cafes and restaurants, plus the ability to program the cards to personalize the applications of the client.

The communication between the reader and the card is done using authentication and data encryption with high-security AES and 3DES encryption algorithms.


The readers of the NÜO series are prepared to work with the new maximum security cards MIFARE Plus® meeting the highest safety requirements.

NÜO SURF simplifies the task of identification by means of smart cards and manages the pitch control in companies, doors or access in general.

NÜO Surf Uncomplicated NÜO Surf Uncomplicated


Employees identify themselves putting their proximity card close to the reader. It identifies each user permissions and by illumination with an acoustic signal indicates the status of access to the employee. In this way we make available to any company implementing the control step in offices, doors and elevators.

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ISO/IEC 14443 A and B. AES128 NIST FIPS PUB 197 Mifare Plus® certified in line with Common Criteria at level EAL4+.
NFC Mifare® emulation compliant. Regulations: EN60950-1:2001+A11:2004, EN301489, EN300330, CC EAL4+.