Highly secure reader for contactless IP65 smart cards reader

The NÜO Flux card reader is... INSUPERABLE Take a look!

NÜO Flux card reader

Indoor and outdoor installation

MIFARE Plus® cards

IP65 protection

AES and 3DES encryption


NÜO readers work with the new maximum security cards MIFARE Plus® meeting the highest safety requirements.

MIFARE Plus® card
MIFARE Plus® card
MIFARE Plus® card
MIFARE Plus® card
MIFARE Plus® card
MIFARE Plus® card
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Its careful design combines perfectly with any contemporary indoors decoration. Thanks to its resistance, you can also use it outdoors.

NÜO readers are manufactured with the highest quality polycarbonates. The glossy surface of the reader has an extra hard coating that will keep its colors bright for a long time.

NÜO Flux resistant reader

Resistant in extreme conditions

Resistant in extreme conditions

They have a degree of protection IP65. They're prepared to work in the most extreme weather conditions -20° to 50°.




Data encryption and the use of encryption algorithms are critical to the security of an Access Control System, since they guarantee the invulnerability of communication between devices that conform it.

In NÜO the communication between the reader and the cards is done using authentication and data encryption with high-security AES and 3DES encryption algorithms, so it guarantees maximum security in all of our facilities.

Completely versatile

Since it is possible to place it on any type of surface: stone walls, plasterboard, porches, lathes, metal doors, elevators...


Available in two colors: white and black.

NÜO Flux is versatile

With a unique design...

The NÜO Flux smart card reader is able to blend in with any environment


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ISO/IEC 14443 A and B. AES128 NIST FIPS PUB 197 Mifare Plus® certified in line with Common Criteria at level EAL4+.
NFC Mifare® emulation compliant. Regulations: EN60950-1:2001+A11:2004, EN301489, EN300330, CC EAL4+.