NÜO Watch & Mochi Digital Video Intercommunication System with IP technology

An absolutely innovative solution with the latest advances in audio and video

IP video intercommunication simplifies the communications infrastructure in the company.
The headquarters and mobile workers of the organization are integrated into a unified communication system.

Watch & Mochi

Hands free with echo cancellation

Automatic reduction of background noise

Automatic volume in relation to ambient noise

MEMS digital microphones

High-definition touch monitor

Wireless handset

Operating autonomy before server fall

All this with superb audio and video quality!

Watch & Mochi In the office


There is much that a W&M intercom system can do to improve the security, management and image of an office.

Maintaining a conversation with a perfect sound quality, and seeing the surroundings with total clarity, guarantees a total security in the accesses.

Watch & Mochi In the parking...


The Voxter/Sky video intercom integrates seamlessly into the pedestal supports of the NÜO Sky series, prepared to work outdoors in the most demanding environmental conditions.

Aesthetically insurmountable. The best solution for access control in parking entrances.

Watch & Mochi In the Bank...


Access control of customers, employees and use of ATMs through audio, video and proximity card readers or biometrics, with a powerful application to manage a large number of offices from the control center of the entity.

W&M V2 Bank is the definitive specific solution to manage security in banking agencies.

NÜO Watch & Mochi In big corporations...


Perimeter access; entrance to the parking lot, the lobby, the elevator hall; unguarded doors ... In the buildings of large companies there are many access points in which it is necessary to resolve communication with unaccredited visitors.

W&M is fully integrated into the NÜO One building security management platform. From a single application all the doors and their terminals are configured, there is no distinction between Access Control and video intercommunications.

Watch & Mochi In the industry...


The robustness is guaranteed with the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of the W&M intercoms, extremely resistant to the harshest environmental and working conditions.

A fantastic speaker and a powerful sound amplifier allow intelligible conversations in extremely noisy environments.

W&M View

Video with spectacular design and superb audio and video quality

A large screen

Its capacitive and anti-reflective 10.1” high-resolution touchscreen will display the images captured by the intercom cameras with total clarity.

The simple things

System of configuration where almost everything is automatic, with a simplicity of use of the menus never seen in an intercommunication system.

Loud and clear

High quality with a guaranteed hands-free conversation. W&M View incorporates digital audio signal processing algorithms.

No tangles

Instead of the typical bellows cable continuously entangled in W&M View we have put a fantastic wireless headset. A pleasure!

Only the important

W&M View has a clean design that incorporates only the RJ45 data network connector. Why add unnecessary elements?

No dependencies

Made to order with a safe and stable operation, without dependence on time with operating systems, updates, hardware, etc.

Last, last and last...

And all this technology in a housing with a spectacular minimalist design, made of high strength aluminum ready to last and last...

Pure technology!

W&M Voxter

The new video intercom W&M Voxter sets a new standard in terms of beauty and resistance


Digital noise reduction, hands-free with echo cancellation, automatic volume according to ambient noise, just perfect.


CMOS color camera with high resolution megapixel and 170º wide-angle optics to avoid losing detail.


Configurable broadcast of pre-recorded welcome messages, call in progress, please come in or locked door.


Touch push button with a very pleasant pressure operation, integrated indicator light and without maintenance for life.

More than a simple intercom!

W&M Voxter/Sky

Video intercommunication module for supports and pedestals NÜO Sky

Designed to endure!

All W&M Voxter technology mounted on a module made of aluminum with a finish that is highly resistant to abrasion, shock, sunlight, rain, saline environments. Withstands temperatures from -20ºC to above 50ºC. IP65 degree of protection for outdoor mounting.

W&M Server

Communications server of the W&M system

W&M Server is responsible for managing communications between W&M devices

W&M Server includes the Web application, it is not necessary to install any software, and everything is designed so that the doors keep working even with the server out of service.

In systems of up to 3 video intercoms and 3 video consoles is not necessary to use the W&M Server.

W&M working with NÜO Go!


When NÜO W&M and NÜO Go! get together in an installation... Surprise! It is not necessary to use W&M Server.

Two fully integrated systems, controlled by a unique and fantastic Web application.

Maximum safety, control and ease of use

W&M working with NÜO One


W&M is fully integrated into the NÜO One building security management platform.

Everything is controlled from a single application, intercoms become an element of the door and all its functions are handled from the NÜO One application.

Access control + Video intercommunication = A single fully integrated management system

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