In By the Access Control System that controls the parking management is probably one of our best bets.

Access control of vehicles   

We can control the opening and closing of automatic gates, bollards or automatic doors, allowing or denying Access of vehicles to roads and enclosures with restricted access.

Access control of vehicles

Controlling access to parking?


Our license plate recognition system is the most reliable and easy to install on the market, being NÜO Matrik one of the leaders of our effectiveness in management of parking.

Access control of vehicles   

Are you ready to be impressed?


See Pi150 Posts   

Integral Access Control System NÜO Pi150
Make an impression on your visitors with the integral access control system NÜO Pi150. The pedestrian and vehicular entrance of a building is the first contact with the visitor, the first impression of the style of the company.

See NÜO Pi150   

The integral Access Control system Pi150 has a complete range of interchangeable modules: communication, video, signage, lighting, proximity readers and blind modules to configure the system according to each application.

NÜO Pi150 ready to make an impression

The NÜO Pi150 also plays an important role in our parking control system.

It is especially indicated in the vehicle access control in private parkings.

Access Control of Vehicles   


The most reliable and easy to install plate recognition system in the market...

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NÜO Matrik Camera

Pi150 Traffic Light


Pi150 Post

Pi150 Traffic Light

NÜO Matrik Camera

IP recognition camera with IR illumination for license plate identification system Matrik. 1/3” 752 x 480 resolution CMOS sensor capable of capturing 60 frames per second.

Managing parkings economically?

Is it possible a 100% based on IP network system?

Reading and recognition of license plates?


Why?, check it out, it is very simple.

In By, we have developed a system of control of vehicles access to parking and private parking able to identify both the license plates of parked or moving vehicles at speeds up to 65 km/h (40 km/hour).

The license plates can be read on cars and motorcycles to a maximum distance of 37 meters and provide operators with additional information for the police including the make, model and color of the vehicle, and in some cases an image of the driver.

The data of the license plate can be used for numerous applications, including:

Parking control,
Inventory of vehicles,
security in the parking,
Access control,
Stolen vehicle recovery,
Application of expired records,
Citywide surveillance,
Robberies at gas stations
... and much more.

Access control of vehicles   

The Traffic lights Pi150
the perfect complement...

See Pi150 traffic lights   

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