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Access in Corporate Buildings

Access Control in a building has become one of the main objectives for an optimal management of security

Access Control in a building

Deciding that the security of the building of our company is absolutely a priority will be in any case a wise option.

Thus, the implementation of security systems and access control allowing control of persons, vehicles, and even information about our company, is a concept that needs to be described properly and in detail. For this reason in By we have strived to develop an explanatory exhibition about how you should avoid any kind of risk or vulnerability in your business or corporate building.

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An agile, orderly management
of the visits to your company.

Pedestrian Control   

In this part of the building, we must focus on the areas of personnel access and be especially attentive to one of the key points in an Access Control System: restricted access.

Our range of NÜO readers will star in this area, as it is very appropriate. Both the high-security readers for contactless smart cards and the proximity readers with next-generation keyboard, wireless portable card reader, fingerprint reader with capacitive sensor, high-end readers of Biometrics + proximity, etc.


The most comprehensive range of readers on the market.


Integrated Readers

All our readers are perfectly integrated into its location, whether they are readers near access doors and turnstiles, elements with gate, card readers of visits, clearways for the disabled, and even emergency exits...


One of the main problems when performing access control is to ensure that in each authorization of access only one person enters. This, in conventional doors, cannot be checked, because for every authorization of passage several people can access simultaneously losing control of unauthorized entry.

But with our integrated readers NÜO, the problem is solved immediately in access control systems of people such as portholes, gates or turnstiles systems.


The parking...
both exterior and interior...

We cannot speak of a comprehensive security system and access control, if we do not include

In By the Access Control System that controls the parking management is probably one of our best bets.

Management of passing vehicles

We can control the opening and closing of automatic gates, bollards or automatic doors, allowing or denying Access Control of vehicles to roads and enclosures with restricted access.

NÜO Pi150

Perfect for Vehicle Access Control

Very resistant to abrasion, impacts, sunlight, rain, saline atmospheres and temperatures from -20ºC to +50ºC

With an exquisite yet robust design, Pi150 poles are made of top quality materials, highly resistant to abrasion, impact, sunlight, rain, salty environments and temperatures from -20ºC to +50ºC.

The modules of the family Pi150 poles are completely sealed with protection IP 65.

With our range of NÜO readers, vehicle Access Control to roads and enclosures with restricted access is quite effective.

In By, we have developed a perfect Access Control System of vehicles to parkings and private car parks.

The staff is the main asset of companies

And the people?


The staff is the main asset of the companies, while it is also the greatest expense...

Confident of the quality and consistency of our Presence Monitoring System

In By...

We are sure...

Confident of the quality and consistency of our Presence Monitoring System.

Our Presence Monitoring system is particularly suitable for expanding the basic hourly control information and access of people.

We add the management of the types of forced and flexible presence, external works, control of absenteeism, the computation of holidays, or control of incidences.


With NÜO you'll guarantee the security of your company, providing access only to areas of the building you select. Rest assured, everything is planned to the last detail.


Do you want to decide who can have visitors in your company?

Well... it is not only possible, it is also easy!

The system allows you to decide who can have visitors in your company and who cannot.

Managing the permissions will be very simple. You can allow yourself to employees, and you can also authorize several heads of department to decide who can receive visitors.

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